How I Increased A Websites Value From 3000$ To Over 60.000$ In 8 Months

>Click her to subscribe to my Youtube Channel< Valuing a website is definitely tricky! Doing a google search for “Website value” comes up with mostly bogus sites that tries to “analyze” your website and give you a number. 100% of these caluculators doesn’t work. But there are ways of finding what your website is worth […]

Weekly Domain Picks – Closeouts and Expired Domains Week 16

So I’ve been cutting down from daily domain picks to about every three days. But I realised that I just don’t have time and there isn’t that many great domains at these prices, so I’m going to be cutting back to once per week. This means that some of the domains in the list will […] March Revenue Report – 50% Increase In Profit In A Month

February ended at a profit of around 700$ for March ended with a 1371$ profit. That’s damned close to a 50% increase. My strategy for creating and promoting content changed, and the next strategy was very successful. Basically I am spending Sunday through Wednesday writing new content, and then Thursdau through Saturday on promoting […]

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