I’ve never been one to willingly give advice. I don’t see myself as an expert, so I simply tell my story and people can choose to do with the information what they want.

After I started writing about domains though, people seem to want my advice on their domains. If I give them the answer they want. And herein lies the answer to why most people fail at making money at domains. They’ve already answered their question themselves and if I don’t agree they don’t want to hear it.

You want you .net or .co or .whatever to be worth something, because it would mean it is easy to make money from them. But in my opinion they are not, and I will tell you that.

Like many others I started out buying a lot of bad domains, and it is only through listening to the advice of my peers and ajusting that I am able to make money from it.

I bought .nets, .orgs and .co but dropped them and adjusted as I both learned and experienced that they don’t make much money. I bought hyphenated domains and the same thing happened. Same with long keyword .coms, all dropped.

For the last two years, I’ve been able to make a five-figure profit from a very small portfolio of domains. All .com, most of them brandables, and most of them short.

If you have any questions regarding domains, feel free to get in touch but if you already made up your mind on what you want be to say it might be best to leave it.

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