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Daily Expired Domain / Closeout Domain Picks 03.27.19

These are my daily picks. Since I develop a lot of websites and domains, I am not able to buy all the domains that I find, so I will share them daily here on the blog.

I usually deal in domains that have a value as a domain to be resold but can also be developed down the line if I don’t end up selling it.

I can of course not guarantee that you will make money of any of these should you choose to buy them.

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Godaddy Closeout Picks

HorrorGamer.com – Probably not a fantastic domain as far as resale value. But great domain to develop. Horror games are very popular but still niche enough to easily build traffic with some work.

Expired Domain Picks

Kobui.com – Great 5-l. Looks like its an area in Japan.

Okoly.com – Decent 5-l. Village in Poland but works as a brandable.

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