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First Sale on Brandpa – 1650$ Profit

So I decided to give Brandpa another go with selling my brandable domains. My experience with using them before was limited, but I’ve had a few accepted names there. This time around I submitted about 10 domains, 3 got accepted, the rest got accepted on Brandbucket later.

With only 3 names accepted, it only took about 2 months to sell the first one. The domain is R/e/v/i/s/i/o/n/e/d .com (/ added so that it does not show up in searches).

I bought it through DropCatch back in March of 2018 for 606$, and it sold for 3000$ but since Brandpa takes 25%, I ended up making approx 1650$ from the sale.

All in all, I am happy with the sale. The communication with the Brandpa team was great, and with such a fast sale I am happy to pay 25%, especially since there is no upfront fee at Brandpa if your domains are accepted.

I could probably held on to the domain and gotten more for it, but at the moment I am trying to achieve a high sell-through rate to build my portfolio, and as long as I make a profit I am happy. One word domains ending in “ed” is not my favorite but I actually think this particular one makes for a good brand name.

Another interesting aspect of the sale is that it was made with the new instalment plan feature on Brandpa, with the buyer paying 250$ a month for a year. It will be fun to see if the sell-through rate on Brandpa increases significantly with this feature implemented!

What do you think about the sale? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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