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Expired Domain / Closeout Domain Picks 04.08.19

These are my daily picks. Since I develop a lot of websites and domains, I am not able to buy all the domains that I find, so I will share them daily here on the blog.

I usually deal in domains that have a value as a domain to be resold but can also be developed down the line if I don’t end up selling it.

I can of course not guarantee that you will make money of any of these should you choose to buy them.

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Godaddy Closeout Picks

PromoValley.com – Tons of previous sales for “valley” domains.

BetDual.com – Bet is a popular keyword with a lot of previous sales

Crevale.com – Sounds cool. Something French on Crevale.org.

InsightInvestor.com – Previous related sales:

  • insightventure.com $ 8 795
  • insightminer.com $ 2 388
  • insightcapital.com $ 1 188
  • insightanalytics.com $ 405
  • insighttrading.com $ 2 088

Zulada.com – Decent 6-l brandable.

Drofu.com – 5-l brandable.

No expired domain picks today.

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