How I Flipped a Domain for a 14K Profit in 9 Days

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I make money online from a bunch of different methods, but the way I invest that money is often i domains. People who don’t know about domain investing is often very suprised when I say that, and quite a few people think that domain investing had died a long time ago.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, and for me the ROI of investing in domains is higher than any other type of investing I have done previously. By a lot!

I’m still new to domaining, but by implementing my own thoughts and ideas on investing and learning a lot in a short amount of time I have been able to do some big flips.

The biggest one happened in January of last year. I bought the domain Nordlys(.com) on a domain auction at Godaddy from 683$. It took a week for the domain to get to my account. I immediately put it up for sale on my Efty marketplace And already the next day I sold it for 15.000$. That’s a 2096.193% ROI in 8-9 days. Show me another market where that is possible!

Now let’s look at the domain and how I was able to buy and sell it. First of all, Nordlys means Northern Lights in Norwegian and Danish.

Where I’m from, the northern lights are huge for tourism and a million dollar industry. So I knew right away that the domain was worth a whole lot. The local newspaper in my town is also called Nordlys. In Norwegian, it is also one word, and anyone that knows anything about domains knows that there is a huge difference between one and two-word domains. As soon as I saw the auction, I knew it was worth a whole lot more than the couple of hundred bucks the auction was currently at.

So, how did I manage to get the domain for only 683$ if it’s worth so much? Well these kinds of scenarios aren’t even that uncommon in the domaining world. It was being at the right place at the right time, luck and knowledge combined. The auction ended in the middle of the night here in Norway, so most people who knew what Nordlys meant was fast asleep.

I don’t even think the buyer that bought it a week later knew that it had been aware that there had been an auction. These domain auction often go under the radar of most people, escpecially if the auction was because of an expired domain. With expired domains, there isn’t an active seller advertising anywhere that the domain is for sale.

A week after the auction I get the domain in my Godaddy account and put it up for sale through Efty. I really recommend Efty for selling domains through landing pages. There are no fees for selling, only a small monthly payment. I am not an affiliate or anything, I just really like them.

After putting it up for sale I go to sleep and when I wake up I’ve got an e-mail with an offer. We e-mail back and forth and I quickly sell the domain for 15k. This was my first five-figure sale so I could probably have pushed a bit harder on the negotiation but overall I was very happy with making 14,4k in a bit over a week.

I’m going to be posting a lot more about domain investing here on the blog, with tutorials on how I buy and sell domains, so keep checking back for more updates in the near future.

24 thoughts on “How I Flipped a Domain for a 14K Profit in 9 Days”

    • Thank you. I actually have no idea of my average ROI as I sell quite a few domains. But my last 5 sales all had an ROI around 200%-2000%

  1. Hey Dani,

    It’s impressing… recently, i started to domain selling field. I am doing research and learning. your advice is great for me. still i need your help for earning . Thanks !

    • Hi Raja, I’m not a domain broker so I mostly only sell my own domains. If you have high-quality domains I would find a broker to help you out. If you have any more specific questions about selling domains I can try to help you out 🙂

  2. Wow…good job!!!
    That domain must have had type in traffic for someone to contact you.
    And you must have said no to his offers couple of times to sell it at $15k.
    Good job man…getting $15k.
    Most people would have sold at $2k to $3k.

    • Thank you! Yeah the buyer contacted me just hours after I put the domain on my Efty portfolio, so they had been trying to get it for a while probably.


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