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How I Increased A Websites Value From 3000$ To Over 60.000$ In 8 Months

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Valuing a website is definitely tricky! Doing a google search for “Website value” comes up with mostly bogus sites that tries to “analyze” your website and give you a number. 100% of these caluculators doesn’t work. But there are ways of finding what your website is worth and as a website owner it is important to know.

The factors for valuing your website are many like organic traffic, profit, social media and hours required to maintain the site. If you want to learn more about valuing sites, check out this article on Ahrefs. The article is written by Greg Elfrink from Empire Flippers. They have also made pretty much the only accurate tool for valuing your website as their valuation tool is based on the over 900 sales totaling over 74 million dollars that Empire Flippers have sold.

My site MMORPGTips.com was appraised at between 62.000$ and 90.000$. Which also fits the range I got when doing the “Monthly profit x 20-50” formula. Since all my traffic is organic and most of it is from Google Search, it is probably pretty high in that range as well.

Why Is Knowing Your Website Value Important?

Many website owners doesn’t know the value of their site, and I didn’t either until recently, which is absurd. It’s like owning a house or owning a brick and mortar business and not knowing what it’s worth. For some reason though, many people just don’t think that a site even has a value.

Just look at it this way. I’ve ran my site for years, but it was really neglected until about 8 months ago, when I decided to start really working hard on making it succesful. It was at the time making about 100$ a month. So the value would be at around 3000-4000$. Eight months later and it is making almost 20 times what it was back in July and at the moment doubling every 1-2 months. But so far I’ve just made around 7000$ from the site, which doesn’t sound great. Eight months of hard work for 7000$. If you take the value into account though along with what I’ve made, we’re suddenly looking at a potential of up to 97.000$ worth of profit and value created in 8 months.

How Do You Increase The Value Of A Website?

Increasing the value of your site is simple. Increase traffic and profit. In my case I already had the hardest part behind me when I started really working hard on the site, as it was an aged site with some authority in the niche. That is very important for Google rankings and organic traffic. The only way to go about getting there is by working on your site and getting backlinks. I have never actively built backlinks, but rather made quality content and let the links come naturally.

For all other types of traffic you will have to identify which traffic sources works for your niche. I run a bunch of different sites and let me tell you, every niche is more different than what people think.

For gaming sites, Facebook groups works really well if you can provide valuable content and I can sometimes get hundreds or thousands of visitors just by dropping a link to an article in a group. For food and recipe related content, this doesn’t work at all, as there are so many food blogs out there constantly dropping their recipes and saturating the market.

Reddit is also fantastic for the gaming niche, and here I can also get thousands of visitors if I’m lucky. Reddit is strict on self-promotion though, so you want some of your Reddit traffic to come naturally. For my other sites, Reddit does not seem to work as well.

Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of traffic for many of the most popular niches like food, fashion and travel, but has had no effect on my gaming site at all.

Lastly there is Youtube. It can take quite some time to build traffic from YT, but it is well worth it when you get it a couple of thousand subs. I still have a long way to go here but I am uploading weekly and noticing momentum slowly building. As a bonus you can earn more money as soon as you can be a Youtube Partner.

In the end, my tactic for building traffic and profit is quite simple.

  • Spend Sunday through Wednesday writing quality content.
  • Thursday through Saturday is spent on promoting the articles on Facebook, Youtube, and various forums. This is because web traffic starts increasing globally on Thursdays and peaks during the early weekend.
  • Post daily on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Make at least 2-7 Youtube Videos per week

This is a tactic I fully started embracing about a month ago, and as you can see in the March Revenue Report, profits went up by about 50% in one month.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will get back to you!

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