mmorpg tips revenue report July 2019 Revenue Report – 2675$

Every time I have a huge increase in revenue like last month, I have a bit of a slump the next month. This time it was due to Q3 starting, and ad RPM always being pretty low in July, so I’m not too concerned about it.

2675$ is still double what the site made two months ago, and I expect to see a steady increase towards the end of the year. It will be really exciting to see how Q4 goes this year, since the site is doing so well.

It’s also now been exactly one year since I teamed up with Mediavine, so July last year was the last month that I used just Adsense on my site. I made about 100$ which was pretty good at the time.

Still that means that revenue is almost at 30x what it was a year ago.


Hosting: 25$


Mediavine: 2616$

Clickbank: 59$

Profit: 2675$

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