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Sedo: What Does “Uniques” Mean and Do They Matter When Selling Domains?

Sedo: What Does “Uniques” Mean and Do They Matter When Selling Domains? is a website marketplace where people can buy and sell domains and websites. One of the metrics that Sedo uses to track the success of a listing is “uniques.” What does this mean? And how can you use it to gauge the success of your Sedo listing? In this article, we will answer these questions and more!

If you’re new to Sedo, you may be wondering what “uniques” means. Uniques is a measurement of how many different people have visited your website or domain name in a given time period. This metric is important because it can help you determine the reach of your website or domain name.

Sedo defines uniques as “the number of times your listing was viewed by a Sedo user.” This means that if one person views your listing multiple times, it will still only count as one unique. This metric is important because it can give you an idea of how many people are interested in your listing. If you have a lot of uniques, it means that your listing is getting a lot of attention and could be quite a valuable domain.

However, it’s important to note that uniques should not be the only metric you use to judge the success of your Sedo listing. There are many other factors to consider, such as the price of your listing and the number of offers you receive. Uniques can give you a good idea of the reach of your listing, but it’s not the only metric that matters.

Don’t attach too much value to the number of uniques a domain is getting through, as many high-value domains have a low number of visitors and vice versa, as the number of uniques will vary depending on if you are parking the domain on Sedo vs. just listing it in the marketplace and a whole lot of other factors.

Sedo is a great place to buy or sell domains, but most serious domain investors will list their domains on more than one marketplace. Personally, I list all my domains on Efty, Afternic,, and Sedo for maximum exposure.