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The First and Worst Domain I Ever Bought Actually Sold.

The First and Worst Domain I Ever Bought Actually Sold.

It was not actually the very first, but the first I bought with intentions of reselling. I had bought a couple of domains before this that I had developed, but that’s not really imporant for the story.

Back around 2015 I was looking for a domain for a gaming news site that I was launching. The site didn’t last long and has been taken down a long time ago.

Anyways, I didn’t want to pay a lot for the domain, so I Googled a bit and found out about I took an instant liking to the tool, and it just felt like there was a world of possibilities with that site and with so many domains available, I had to find a good one to use for the gaming site, and I eventually did.

The first thing that happened after creating an account though was that I saw a bunch of domains. I had also learned about Estibot in during my Google searches, so I took the first domain I saw and put it into Estibot.

The domain was “” and Estibot told me it was worth a few hundred bucks! What?!? A few hundred for a domain that was available to register for like 10$ right now? That can’t be right I thought, but it was.

At this point I knew nothing about domains or valuing domains. I litterally thought I would just be able to register the domain and go sell it somewhere, anywhere really, for a couple hundred dollars. So I bought it.

I went back to and took all the domains on the first page and put them into Estibot. I even got an Estibot subscribtion because I thought I was gonna get rich.

I was amazed when Estibot showed that some of the domains were worth thousands and I started registering a bunch.

When I got to around 20 domains registered, alarmbells started sounding in my brain. I couldn’t be this easy and of course it isn’t. But it’s not easy to know as a new domainer.

Now just a few years later I often find myself shaking my head or laughing a bit when I see what new domainers are registering. But I quickly remember my own misadventures, and that I’m still really new to this game, and that I have a long long way to go

Just a few weeks ago I dropped a bunch of domains that I registered last year, that I thought at the time was great domains. And last year I did the same. I think this is the way it goes with most domainers, no matter how much good advice you get in the beginning. All you can do is just try to learn and improve.

And what happended to “”? It sold on sedo after 2 years for 99$, making a slight profit. All the other ones didn’t though, so that’s no reason to go out and buy bad domains.

Have you ever made money on a really bad domain? I would love to hear about it!


Friday 22nd of March 2019

Well , that actually happened to me as well . It was an unexpected sale .