Weekly Domain Picks – Closeouts and Expired Domains Week 16

So I’ve been cutting down from daily domain picks to about every three days. But I realised that I just don’t have time and there isn’t that many great domains at these prices, so I’m going to be cutting back to once per week.

This means that some of the domains in the list will be bought and gone already when I am publishing, but it should still provide you with some value as you can see what types of domains I am picking and why.

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These are domains I have picked that I think either have resale value or that can be good for development purposes. I can not guarantee that you will make any money from them.

Godaddy Closeouts

OwlHero.com – Owls are popular. Hero is a very popular branding keyword.

PressValue.com – Solid two word brandable domain. Could have several meanings.

AZTotal.com – Plenty of good google search results for AZ Total. AZ could be Arizona or like in the alphabet.

PeakScope.com – Another good two-word brandable.

GigaAudio.com – Good name for any type of music studio or producer.

Velnu.com – Good 5-l brandable.

Yekku.com – Same

Twazzy.com – 6-l. Got a nice ring to it.

Expired Domains

Apoky.com – Decent 5-l brandable.

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