First Sale on Brandpa – 1650$ Profit

So I decided to give Brandpa another go with selling my brandable domains. My experience with using them before was limited, but I’ve had a few accepted names there. This time around I submitted about 10 domains, 3 got accepted, the rest got accepted on Brandbucket later. With only 3 names accepted, it only took […]

How I Increased A Websites Value From 3000$ To Over 60.000$ In 8 Months

>Click her to subscribe to my Youtube Channel< Valuing a website is definitely tricky! Doing a google search for “Website value” comes up with mostly bogus sites that tries to “analyze” your website and give you a number. 100% of these caluculators doesn’t work. But there are ways of finding what your website is worth […]

If You Don’t Have a Good Product to Sell, Sell Information.

Or give it away for free! While I work, I like to have a podcast or a Youtube video on in the background. I don’t really pay attention all the time to what I’m listening to and lately Youtube has started playing these “Shopify Guru” videos after I finish another video that I’m listening to, […]

The First and Worst Domain I Ever Bought Actually Sold.

It was not actually the very first, but the first I bought with intentions of reselling. I had bought a couple of domains before this that I had developed, but that’s not really imporant for the story. Back around 2015 I was looking for a domain for a gaming news site that I was launching. […]

Godaddy Push to Auction Backfired. 700$ Domain Flip Profit.

So I made a mistake while selling one of my domains last week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I still made a 700 dollar profit. My domaining mistakes used to cost me a lot of money in the beginning, but at least now I’m making a profit from them. The domain […]

I Learned Everything I Know About Investing from World of Warcraft

Ok, that’s actually clickbait. I learned almost everything I know about investing from Everquest, which is an older similar game to WoW, but not that many people have heard of it. That said, I did learn a lot from WoW as well. In these types of games you kill monsters and take their stuff. That […]

How I Flipped a Domain for a 14K Profit in 9 Days

>Click her to subscribe to my Youtube Channel< I make money online from a bunch of different methods, but the way I invest that money is often i domains. People who don’t know about domain investing is often very suprised when I say that, and quite a few people think that domain investing had died […]

My House Is A Store – How To Start A Business Without Any Costs.

Like most of my ideas, this one came from a video game. The video game was Everquest, a predecessor to World of Warcraft for those of you who are not into games, and the idea was this; In Everquest you kill monsters and they give you equipment that you can either sell or keep to […]

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