If You Don’t Have a Good Product to Sell, Sell Information.

Or give it away for free! While I work, I like to have a podcast or a Youtube video on in the background. I don’t really pay attention all the time to what I’m listening to and lately Youtube has started playing these “Shopify Guru” videos after I finish another video that I’m listening to, […]

The First and Worst Domain I Ever Bought Actually Sold.

It was not actually the very first, but the first I bought with intentions of reselling. I had bought a couple of domains before this that I had developed, but that’s not really imporant for the story. Back around 2015 I was looking for a domain for a gaming news site that I was launching. […]

Godaddy Push to Auction Backfired. 700$ Domain Flip Profit.

So I made a mistake while selling one of my domains last week. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I still made a 700 dollar profit. My domaining mistakes used to cost me a lot of money in the beginning, but at least now I’m making a profit from them. The domain […]

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