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About Me

The Good Solid Company is a website development company that operates websites with millions of monthly users.

We also invest in domains and have sold hundreds of domains.

Our mission is to provide quality web development services while helping people make money online.

Good Solid is owned and operated by Daniel Kling Lorentsen

My domain portfolio can be found at

Website Portfolio

  • – Website development, domain, and finance information
  • – Gaming tips & guides sites with over a million yearly users.
  • MMORRG.GG – MMORPG news portal
  • GameInfo.GG – Gaming information, tips and tricks.
  • – Music for Gamers and Streamers
  • – Fantasy and Sci-fi site.
  • – Food blog
  • – Under Construction – Gaming Clothing Line
  • – Under Construction – Interior Inspiration Website
  • – Under Construction – TV, Movie, and Entertainment Website